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FUCK YEAH STARSHIP by AmandaMac1992 FUCK YEAH STARSHIP :iconamandamac1992:AmandaMac1992 8 4
Anything for Your Smile pt 14
Dave's face was in his hands while he tried to fight back tears. It was a full hour after the ambush in his home, and he was still coping in the chair in the middle of the room. He hadn't looked up once when people started to leave, meaning he didn't know if anyone was still there or not, but he was unwilling to peek just in case.
"Dr. Karofsky," Burt Hummel stood in the kitchen talking with Dave's father, "I know that things might be awkward at first about this. I mean, I've always known about Kurt, mostly because of his mother..." His voice trailed off, and Burt chuckled, "She always knew, too, and would openly take him to the park in tutus and anything he wanted to wear."
"Burt..." Dr. Karofsky had his hand on his chin, and started to scratch through his graying beard, "I guess I've known all along about David." He closed his eyes, reminiscing. "I remember that he was picked on in elementary school for being smaller, then in middle school for growing so fast, and, well, his sudd
:iconamandamac1992:AmandaMac1992 21 37
Anything for Your Smile Stats by AmandaMac1992 Anything for Your Smile Stats :iconamandamac1992:AmandaMac1992 3 2 He's More Than A Man... by AmandaMac1992 He's More Than A Man... :iconamandamac1992:AmandaMac1992 2 0
Anything For Your Smile pt13
It was finally the day of reckoning for the combined New Directions and WMHS football team, all of whom parked in various spots around the block around the Karofsky household. The group was crammed into the family living room, just beyond the front door, waiting for their classmate to arrive.
"Alright," Rachel called out in an annoyed voice, seated between two football players, "whoever has their gargantuan foot on mine had better remove it!"
The boy to her right awkwardly moved his foot. He had sandy blonde hair, brilliant green eyes hidden by glasses, tall and built. Rachel looked at his face; he was obviously uncomfortable being where he was.
Before she could say anything, David's father walked through the front door, the football player right behind him.
David froze with groceries in his arms as he noticed the huge crowd in his home, his face blanching.
"Please," Blaine came from the other room, dressed in his normal Dalton Academy uniform, "take a seat, David."
"David," Dr.
:iconamandamac1992:AmandaMac1992 25 63
Anything for Your Smile pt12
"...What do you want to do now?" Blaine cocked an eyebrow, latching his arm around Kurt's waist as the couple left the McKinley campus.
"After a performance like that, I don't know that I can actually think!" Kurt's head was swimming, and he rest it on Blaine's shoulder as they walked.
The boys exchanged a laugh as they headed toward Blaine's car. There was no vandalism, even though the football team was gathered around the beauty, jaws dropped.
"Gentlemen." Blaine smiled warmly, still holding Kurt's waist, though he tried to escape.
Azimio stepped forward, looking slightly awkward without Karofsky backing him up. "Whoa, is this baby yours fa--" He stopped himself, looking at Blaine in embarrassment, "I-I mean, dude?"
Every one of the boys had something behind their backs, though neither was sure whether they had eggs or slushies.
Nevertheless, Blaine remained cool, calm, and collected. "Yes, sir, it is." He smirked. "It's the new 2011 model of the Audi--"
"Yeah, man," Az
:iconamandamac1992:AmandaMac1992 32 59
Anything for Your Smile pt11
With Kurt feeling much better, other than the occasional headache, the hospital discharged him within a day after waking up.
Upon his return to school, Kurt found out that Karofsky was suspended for a month, taken off the football team, and put into therapy once a week. It only made him more stubborn and angry, though.
Even with Karofsky's return on the horizon, Kurt didn't let that get him down. With a bandaged temple, was greeted like a soldier coming home from war by the glee club, Blaine pushed lightly away by the group.
Mercedes gave him a great big bear hug, commenting how her mom wouldn't let her stay at the hospital too long for the few days he was there. Mike, Puck, Artie, and Sam rushed up after, all but Artie covered in bumps and bruises, and Sam sporting a black eye and stitches. They all spoke at once, glad to see that Kurt was okay. Quinn, Brittany, and Santana came up next, Brittney with another of her home-made books in tow.
"Here," she handed the book, titled So You
:iconamandamac1992:AmandaMac1992 31 96
Anything for Your Smile pt10
Somebody call 9-1-1!

Kurt opened his eyes, speaking slowly. "I... I think that I remember..."
Blaine looked hopeful.
"...What landed me in this hospital..." Blaine's hope turned to pain.
"Are you sure, Kurt?" His eyes showed a tinge of hurt, "There's nothing else there?"
Kurt only had to lean forward a bit before his lips met his boyfriend's, forgetting that his supposed family was in the room with him.
"I remember you: How we met, the times we've spent together, even how you were caught up in the mess at the school." He looked at Blaine's eyebrow bandage. "I remember you bleeding on me before someone called for the ambulance."
Burt interrupted, "You remember him, but not your dad? Or Carole? Or Finn?"
Kurt looked away from his dad. "I think that I remembered Blaine because of his hands... He uses a specific lotion, and it smells like cucumbers." He smiled at Blaine, and continued. "Maybe that smell mixed with the pain from whatever happened at the school
:iconamandamac1992:AmandaMac1992 31 69
Anything for Your Smile pt9
Kurt heard a faint beeping. ...beep...beep...beep... It annoyed him enough to make him wake up. The room was dark, but he could make out three sleeping figures in chairs. The beeps came from a monitor to his left.
I'm... in a hospital? He was unsure for a moment, until a nurse walked in, turning on a small light.
"Ah, I see that someone's finally awake." She smiled, and checked his IVs and vitals. "You feeling okay?"
Kurt blinked for a moment, trying to remember what had happened to him. "I guess so." His face scrunched a bit in thought, but nothing came to him.
"Kurt?" A groggy voice came out from the dark. "You're awake?"
The voice came from a middle-aged man with a baseball cap. Kurt strained to think of who it was, but his mind came to a blank. Before Kurt could try to speak, the man was embracing him. His ribs and head ached at the firm embrace, which made him softly cry out.
"Oops, sorry if I was a bit rough there, son." The man chuckled, and scratched his stubble.
:iconamandamac1992:AmandaMac1992 37 57
Anything for Your Smile pt8
...Everything went silent...
Kurt looked nervously over at Blaine, trying to get an idea of what might happen next. He just subtly outed David Karofsky in front of the entire football team, all of whom were frozen in the hallway in front of the duo.
Blaine's face was pale, and his eyes actually showed fear for what was going to come.
Karofsky stalked over, and loomed over Kurt. "What did you just say, fag?" His jaw was clenched shut, a vein in his neck visible from anger.
Kurt felt a shiver move through him. He looked from David to the whole football team, then back. Finally, rage shot through him. "You heard me, Karofsky." He spat venom at David, and directed his voice at the team, "David Karofsky is as gay as I am!"
David tensed up, the chatter of the football team hitting him like an entire team tackling him.
Finn, Puck, Mike, Artie, and Sam knew that Kurt wouldn't tell such a huge, life-changing lie, and edged toward Karofsky, Blaine, and Kurt, preparing for the worst
:iconamandamac1992:AmandaMac1992 33 101
Anything for Your Smile p7
After Brittany and Santana were done with their secret song, Artie decided that it was his turn.
He chose the song "Dancing Through Life" from the musical Wicked. He and Rachel did the small dialogue that was sprinkled throughout, and he did some of his signature wheelchair dance moves.
With two presentations in one go, Schuester decided that the club was over for the day.
Everyone got out of their chairs to swarm together and talk.
"I thought that you girls had it a little easier to do this than I did," Artie confessed to the group, mainly to Britt and Santana, "I mean, you're able to do whatever, but I really want to be able to dance and walk again."
Blaine was on it, a warm, nearly apologetic smile on his face. "Artie, I'm sure that you'll be able to anything in the future, the way that medical science and technology works today."
Kurt chimed in, " Not to mention the research that's going into paralysis and limb replacements, ya know?" He tried a smile to match the warmth rad
:iconamandamac1992:AmandaMac1992 31 43
Klaine on GOOGLE by AmandaMac1992 Klaine on GOOGLE :iconamandamac1992:AmandaMac1992 5 45
Anything For Your Smile pt 6
Kurt was pissed and tears were streaming down his cheeks as he lead Blaine away from McKinley High School.
Blaine finally stopped him. "What was that, hun?" He put his hands on his hips in a feminine way, concern on his face.
"I..." Kurt gulped for air, and collapsed into Blaine's chest, pulling the two to the ground, sobbing. "I just hate how I'm always scrutinized by those... those vultures!"
"This is kind of how it was for me, too, my darling Kurt." Blaine ran a hand through his own hair, then stroked Kurt's hair gently. "My friends at my old school would always want to know everything going on in my life, and they would always meddle, and unintentionally hurt me in the process."
Kurt sniffled, "R-really?"
"Yeah." Blaine looked down at Kurt and smiled a warm, apologetic smile. He wiped Kurt's tears. "Come on; these guys are your family at this school, and they only want to protect you and everyone else related to the club." He stood, pulling Kurt up. "Let
:iconamandamac1992:AmandaMac1992 44 53
Anything For Your Smile pt 5
Kurt seemed to float into glee club that day, cell phone ever present in his hands, texting and smiling, unaware of the fact that Mr. Schuester had already begun the lesson plan for the week.
"Glad you could join us, Kurt," he said, noticing that he wasn't important compared to the ever-pinging cell phone.
"Anyway, what I was SAYING was," Will turned back to the whiteboard, writing, "our songs for this week should be about a part of who you are." He turned back around, "Any questions?"
Rachel automatically raised her hand. "Mr. Schue?"
He pointed nonchalantly at Rachel. "Yeah, Rachel?"
She cleared her throat. "I believe that we've already done this subject for our songs, and not that repetition is bad, it's just a bit... boring." Rachel scrunched up her face a little with the last word.
The others were agreeing with Rachel, for once, and Mercedes tapped Kurt's knee. "Your boyfriend can wait, boy!" She whispered, but the point got across.
g2g, blaine. glee. :/ he texted.
:iconamandamac1992:AmandaMac1992 42 45
Sketch dump 2 by AmandaMac1992 Sketch dump 2 :iconamandamac1992:AmandaMac1992 0 2 Sketch dump 1 by AmandaMac1992 Sketch dump 1 :iconamandamac1992:AmandaMac1992 0 0


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United States
I am a dork from Illinois.
I'll be 19 in February, and I'm proud to say that I'm weird.
Hats are my favorite article of clothing! <3
I also have a YouTube that I'm trying to start. XP
AmandaMacification! :D
I don't think that I have very many talents, but others tend to say my voice, drawings, writing skills, instrumentation, and social skills are great! :D lol
Not sure what else to put here... :/
...I heart nerds and geeks...

Current Residence: Illinois
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Adult Large
Favourite genre of music: most all of them
Favourite photographer: Sugargrl14
Favourite style of art: Tradtional/Photography
Operating System: uuuhhhhhh... computer???
MP3 player of choice: Microsoft Zune
Favourite cartoon character: too many
Personal Quote: I know I can pass the class, I just like having low self-esteem...
Just on a whim, I decided to Google search this old fic I did, which has gotten a TON of attention in the near two years since it's been posted (THANK YOU ALL!!!)
What I found upset me.
There was a girl in February of last year who posted the first page, in it's entirety, to her page. She claimed it as her own, not even mentioning that she found it.
I wrote her a message, asking her to at least post me as the original author, or else I would seek help from admins.
Either way, hello Klainers. I've been gone for a while, and for that I apologize.

I never meant to be gone for so long!!! I PROMISE!!!!
But then the drama started.
I don't really want to go into it, but it was a STORM of sorts, which turned my life upside-down...
Either way, I'm back, and I will be getting back to all of you, no matter how long ago you posted replies/questions.
Who knows? I may just post a whole new thing... Maybe continue the old one? Either way, I love you all for your support!!!

Stay beautiful, and have an awesome day <3
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